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Walleye Fishing Trips

Walleye Fishing August 2002.

         Walleye fishing is nothing short of spectacular on Sydney and Kilburn Lakes. Years of conservation and the policy that all trophy sized fish are to be returned has kept this fishery very healthy and a thrill to experience.  They are usually found on or near bottom. jigs and spinners with twisters or minnows works best. Amazing numbers can be caught in May, June and July, but more Walleyes are caught in August and September. Enjoy your Canadian walleye fishing trip

Trophy Walleye Fishing

Trophy Walleye Fishing on Sydney Lake.

WALLEYE  Record  2003

The Angler that caught the LARGEST :
MICHAEL RILEY of Hiawatha, KS - 36"

Caught by Park Sign at the entrance to Kilburn Lake


Landing the big one - in September


Walleye Lures

Jigs - likely the best.

A mixture of round head jigs in sizes 1/16 through 3/4  with the majority being in the 1/8th  to 3/8 ounce weights. Colors include plain, orange & chartreuse,  orange,  pink & white, yellow,  white,  pink, red and black.  Jigs can be used with all live bait or twister tails.  Use as light a line and weight as possible for best results.  Use heavier weights on windy days.  Get these babies to the bottom and bounce them there - that's where the fish are.


The Rapala Original Floating Minnow, the Husky Jerk, and the Shad Rap work best.  The Shad Rap is possibly the best producer of trophy walleye .


Little Jo's and lindy rigs work best.  Blades in all the hammered such nickel, gold, copper. Chartreuse, orange,  pink,  yellow, and combination metal / colored. Vary the sizes.  These work best when trolling. tip them off with a minnow or twister tail.

Billy Carter.

This one is over 30 inches.


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Trophy Walleye Fishing.

28.5 inches

Bob Salamone
30 inches


These fish have fight


More tips from the pros.


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