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    LATITUDE                                        50`41'      

    LONGITUDE                                    94`25

    SURFACE AREA                             14,400 acres      

    VOLUME                                          938,211 acre feet

    HEIGHT ABOVE  SEA LEVEL        1150 feet 


    PERIMETER                                     113.5 miles


    MAXIMUM DEPTH                        240 feet 

    MEAN DEPTH                                 65 feet



    Sydney Lake is a Large, deep, cold water lake with a littoral zone covering forty percent of the area and providing habitat for both cold and warm water fish. Thermal stratification was evident at the time of the survey. water temperatures ranged between 70`F. and 45`F. in the upper one hundred feet of water. The ten degree temperature drop (63`F. to 53`F.) between the twenty five and thirty five foot depths identified the thermocline, the layer of water in which there was the most rapid decrease in temperature. The dissolved oxygen content varied very little to the depth of one hundred and twenty five feet, and ranged between 9.4 and 10.0 parts per million. A surface 7.6 pH value showed an alkaline characteristic, in relation to the hydrogen ion composition in the water. A total dissolved solids concentration of 16 parts per million was determined from a surface conductivity reading. Light penetration in this colorless water was indicated by the disappearance of a secchi disc, from view, 26.0 feet below the water surface.


Lake trout, yellow pickerel (walleye), northern pike, lake whitefish, lake herring, burbot, white sucker, blacknose shiner, spottail shiner, bluntnose minnow, fathead minnow, minespine stickleback, trout perch, and iowa darter.

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North East view from the tower

Heading out for the day.

Sydney Falls

Sunset  Cliff


Canadian fly-in fishing trips & vacations at Sydney Lake Lodge located in Northwestern Ontario Canada. Trophy conservation fishing for Lake Trout, walleye and northern pike. The only resort located in both Ontario's Trophy Waters and Woodland Caribou Wilderness Park. We are located on exclusive waters (Sydney and Kilburn Lakes), there are no other resorts here, no towns - we are secluded and remote. Unrivalled fishing & wilderness adventure.

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