Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike Fishing


Northern Pike

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Northern Pike 

Northern Pike Trophy.

 Northern Pike fishing on Sydney and Kilburn Lakes is truly an exhilarating experience. Large ones fight with amazing power and speed. These monsters are caught off of rocky points, and in weedy bays. Pike like almost any bait, especially spoons and crank baits.


Northern Pike Tackle.

To Start off use a steel leader, these babies have sharp teeth that will slice your line with one head jerk.

Think bright colors! Bait-casting  or spinning reels rods spooled with 10 to 20 pound line are suggested. Tandem spinner baits in 3/8- to 1 -oz. sizes are excellent. Choose chartreuse,  gold or silver blades matched with white or fluorescent skirts.

A selection of spoons, including Silver and gold Dr. Spoons, five of diamonds and red/white.  Don't overlook a Daredevil or Little Cleo in silver/chartreuse combos, at least 3/4oz. in size.

Mepps or Blue Fox spinners.  Use blades in 4 and 5 size and larger.  Silver or fire tiger blades are good, including prism blades. The larger Mepps Minnows are great - in blade sizes of 4 and 5.  Steel leaders are suggested on the spinners.

Larger minnow lures are fun for top water action.  Rapalas,  Husky Jerks, Rebels,  etc. Rat-L-Traps in larger sizes, emphasis on nickel and chartreuse.  Also 6-8 inch Suicks.



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Northern Pike Fishing.
38 inches

May 2002

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