Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout
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Lake Trout  

Lake Trout Trophy - Largest Trout 1999

 Lake Trout Fishing is a favorite amongst many experienced anglers who enjoy their unique fight and sometimes amazing size. They like  deep water (27'-80') and can be taken off structure by trolling and jigging. During spawning season the last two weeks of September as well as  in May  they are found in shallow water and  are a blast to cast spoons and plugs at.  The fish prefer a water temperature of about 53 Degrees Fahrenheit, if you can find that temperature at depth you are well on your way to finding them.  


Lake Trout Tackle & Techniques

Spring / Fall fishing means shallow techniques (0-10ft).  use hammered silver spoons, Rattle traps, floating Rapalas, Shad raps, Dr. Spoons, large 1 oz little Cleos, 1/2-3/8 oz erie dere single hook.  Use sliver/blue, sliver, gold, and silver chartreuse. In the fall during spawning baseball size rocks are perfect spawning beds for lakers.

Your ability to read/understand depth finder/graph is very important, especially for summer jigging  lake trout. Spend  time locating the trout and boat positioning then fish.  Schools of Lake herring  can be found breaking the surface in schools. Generally where you find them you will find the trout not far away.

Summer. Once lakers go deep (water temp above 58 degrees)   troll deep using  8-14 lb test, deep divers and lots of weight are suggested. Troll in forward varying your speed, this not only excites the trout but it also captures their attention at varying depths. Use a variety of spoons and Rapala's. Cicada's and airplane jigs are also highly recommended.   The other method of summer fishing is to vertical jig using a lead head with a 3" white twister tail, or even better is a Getzit (tube jig-looks like a squid and is hollow to place the jig inside)  1/2 - 1 oz. depending upon depths you are fishing. Sometimes tip the jig with a minnow.


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Lake Trout Fishing.
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