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History of Sydney Lake


Grandpa Fahlgren on Sydney 1957.

Sydney Lake's saga was started in 1933 by Grandpa and Grandma Fahlgren with the purchase of an old fishing camp from Anton Vick. The lake was like a magnet that drew him closer to the land where he found the peace and solitude that is lost in the workplace. His passion for fishing was fueled by the lake's response to his hook and line. In 1947, John Johnston Fahlgren built his first cabin and his own boats. In 1949 he built a small cabin for grandma and afterwards the third cabin, in 1950, for his guests. Grandpa had a passion for fishing. In the evening he would stand on the shore and cast for walleye. Some days he would float lazily out on the lake in front of the camp and fish for trout. His lake trout record was 58 lbs. and took him 45 minutes to land it. He slowly worked the boat into 2 feet of water next to shore and jumped into the water to grab the fish. Grandpa ran the camp until he was 87 years old. 

800 year old native rock paintings.

Native Paintings on Pineneedle Lake.


Winter Morning

Fall Fishing

Summer Sunrise



Canadian fly-in fishing trips at Sydney Lake Lodge located in Northwestern Ontario Canada. Trophy conservation Fly-In fishing for Lake Trout, walleye and northern pike. The only resort located in both Ontario's Trophy Waters and Woodland Caribou Wilderness Park. We are located on exclusive waters (Sydney and Kilburn Lakes), Unrivalled Fly-In Fishing  & wilderness adventure.

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