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At Sydney Lake Lodge we feel that the future of our fantastic fisheries is in our hands. Sydney Lake  is part of a protected special conservation area, Ontario's Trophy Waters. All over slot sized fish are returned to the water to grow and reproduce. Smaller sized fish can be kept for shore lunch or dinner. We are located on exclusive waters (Sydney and Kilburn Lakes), there are no other resorts here, no towns - we are secluded and remote. Sydney Lake is a deep lake with a large volume, it also has many shallow bays which are highly productive for fish reproduction. Kilburn Lake is mainly shallow and has one deep bay.  The number one claim by our guests who have fished elsewhere, is that the best angling they have ever had is at Sydney Lake - and we intend to keep it this way.

Fisheries analysis have shown that large fish are old. Their genetic ecosystem must be protected for spawning stock. for this reason we request you release larger fish so that they can fight again, a replica fish is an excellent way to preserve your memory.

Careful release of fish is very important, survival rate is determined by the length of time that they are out of the water. Fish on stringers should not be released, studies show an 85% death rate. To ensure the healthy release of fish barb less hooks/lures (flattened barbs) are requested for the 2003 season. Thank you for your participation you will enjoy the results.

Fly-In Fishing Ontario Canada.

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